Sometimes, you hear a song, and its catchy melody, lyrics, and beat get stuck in your head, and you wish that there was 1 great musician behind everything: the mixing, the vocals, the instrumentals. Kind of like a musical mastermind, someone who does it all. Introducing James Austin, or King James IV. James has a true passion for music, a passion that started before he could talk but could crawl closer to the drums during church when no one was looking. That gravitation toward music, infused in James since childhood, hasn't shut down. Encouraged by his mother to stick with piano lessons, James began learning the instrument when he was in second grade and progressed on to learn the drums and saxophone. creates music, When creating the music, the instruments featured in the songs are often played by himself. And through them, James delivers all the emotion he feels when he makes music, as well as what he's learned by being a musician and studying his craft. It's almost impossible not to be drawn into the beseeching aura of a crooning saxophone, so when James doesn't feature vocals in his pieces, he haunts listeners with an esoteric instrumental. "I want [listeners] to feel the music as deep as I do." And with passion mixed with sure talent, James' music can definitely do that.

Coming from Virginia, James makes music that has a unique sound, with elements of soul, rhythmic, and R&B, and often with a positive tone. Recently, James visited Jamaica, and in current projects and for his soon-to-be-released upcoming instrumental album, a tropical flair inspired by his travels will permeate his beats. Check out his talent on the piano and groove along to the reggae single, "Jamaica," on his Soundcloud: we dare you to try and resist your urge to dance to it! For a softer, saxophone-led beat, check out his collaboration with The Austin Twins on YouTube, in the song "Thanking the Stars."

Though James enjoys working alone, he finds value in sharing ideas to create a better, more multi-dimensional piece: he says the same creativity for his music comes to him when he works with others. To make music, he uses programs such as Logic and Fruity Loops, and writes that, in order to make the most organic compositions, it's integral to "be yourself and express yourself." He garners inspiration for his creations from what he experiences and feels, which leads him to formulate a basic or foundational melody or beat. From there, expounding on its organic sound, he shares that his "imagination and creativity take over." To get a feel for how he makes music, James notes that listening to one of his favorite compositions, "Never Been Better," illustrates how he feels when he's in the creation zone.

Outside of music, James describes himself as a man who enjoys simple things, such as playing basketball, hitting the gym, and traveling. He enjoys artists such as Drake, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, and exhibits a respect for fellow musicians and collab partners (such as the Austin Twins, for whom he acts as producer,) when he encouraged me to check out their new music. Along with working on his new album, James is finishing making his own website, and with riveting music and no sign of changing paths, there is only promise on the horizon for James and his career.



James Austin - CEO/President

Trevon Wright - Management/Marketing Specialist

Twitter: @King__JamesIV

Twitter: @Trygaa